Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let the Bricking Begin!!!

Well now the builders are going full steam ahead!! Our Bricking started on the 14-10-10 and the pictures i have taken below where taken on the 15-10-10. We are really impressed with the progress they have made so far, i seriously cannot remember the brickie at our clarkson house being this quick!! We must have a team of super brickies !!! :) :) Here are some piccies below for you all to enjoy!

The Left hand side of our house (taken from the front)

The Left Hand Side again (taken from the back)

A close up of the bricking work

The Back of the house

The Alfresco area x 2 pics

A close up of our awesome brickies :)

We are heading up tonight so ill take a heaps of pictures of how far they have come over the past couple of days!

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