Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let the Bricking Begin!!!

Well now the builders are going full steam ahead!! Our Bricking started on the 14-10-10 and the pictures i have taken below where taken on the 15-10-10. We are really impressed with the progress they have made so far, i seriously cannot remember the brickie at our clarkson house being this quick!! We must have a team of super brickies !!! :) :) Here are some piccies below for you all to enjoy!

The Left hand side of our house (taken from the front)

The Left Hand Side again (taken from the back)

A close up of the bricking work

The Back of the house

The Alfresco area x 2 pics

A close up of our awesome brickies :)

We are heading up tonight so ill take a heaps of pictures of how far they have come over the past couple of days!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bricks and Equipment!

Well, Well, Well it wasnt long before the bricks and equipment started to arrive! To date our slab was poured exactly two weeks ago and we have the following-

Window/Door Frames
Tradie Loo (ha ha those who are building will understand :) )
Tradie Equipment and Supply Shed
Brick Lintels
Our Internal and Face Bricks
Pile of Yellow Sand
Our Water tap
Our Temp Power Box

Here are some piccies :)

Window Frames

Tradie Loo :)

Tradie Shed

Internal Bricks

Internals and Face Bricks Scattered around the slab 

Bricking will hopefully be starting this week - keep posted! :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We have a slab - WOOHOO!!!!

Well it has finally happened we have a slab on our block !!! woot woot! Im a little bit behind the times on updating my blog as it was poured 30-09-10, but i promise to update more often!! Here are some piccies of the progress!!

                                                            The block being cleared

The Mesh / Black Plastic & Piping Work

Ta-Da! The Slab :)

The slab Waterproofed!

Keep posted i have more updates to come tomorrow!! :) :)

Monday, August 30, 2010


We bought some "timber laminate (Blackbutt) " flooring today @ Parry's. They where having a big sale so we picked up a bargain!! We bought enough to cover our living areas.

This is a picture from the showroom-

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bits and Pieces we have bought so far...

Just thought i'd share some of the bits and pieces we have bought for the house so far....this time we said everything was going to be good quality so if we buy it over a period of time we should have most things by the time we move in! :-)

The King Size "Azolla" Bed set which includes a king size bed, two side tables, one tall boy and one dresser with a mirror.

This is our matress except ours is a king , its sooooooo comfy!!!

We have also bought some scanpans! We bought the four piece set, which includes 2 sauce pans with lids, a tall casserole pot and a fry pan

Colours, Selections and Upgrades

Now to the fun part! I'll start with what we have chosen for the exterior then the interior.

Our Brick is "Provinicial Avignon" from Midland Brick
Our Roof Tiles are "Mocha Choc" from Monier Prime (they are actually alot lighter brown not this dark)

Our Fascia and Garage Door will be colourbond "Jasper"

Four our Down pipes/gutters we have chosen "Paperbark" to match our bricks

This will be our front door painted a similar colour - Solver "Goanna"

The driveway and pavers along side of the house and alfresco are almondbury vogue by midland brick

For our window frames we chose the colour "charcoal Lustre" i dont have a picture but pretty much a black with a silverly simmer through it.

Okay so for the INTERIOR for our kitchen cabinets colours we chose Polytech "Caraway" Its actually a little bit lighter and a softer brown than this

For our kitchen benchtop with chose Laminex Diamond Gloss "Catalana Marble" (the top half of the photo-i was lucky to find this picture of google images-i think it may have been from the homeone forum, so i hope it is ok i use this picture-but please do tell me if its not!)

Our kitchen handles with be the "T-Bar" style

Our Oven is the Blanco 750mm


Our Hotplate is the Blanco 750mm

Our Range-hood is the Blanco 900mm

We have upgraded our kitchen tap to the Krysren Pull-out mixer

Our ensuite we upgraded to our double shower screen to semi-frameless.

We upgraded our bath to the Newbury 1800mm with head rest- so this time joel can fit in it LOL!

Our basins in our ensuite and the guest bathroom will be semi-recessed

The basin tapware will be stylus "elegance" and the shower set will be stylus "elegance" shower

Our floor tiles we chose where "Bongo Graphite and Bongo White" Graphite for the floor and then the white for the skirting.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So here is a couple of picture of our block!

We took the puppy's up to check out there future home :-)

I think Monty approves!!!